Monday, December 19, 2005

Was Randy Johnson tipping his pitches?

From an interview with the always horrid Mike and the Mad Dog:

Russo: Randy listen, we all know how great you’ve been. Would I chalk up the inconsist...I know you were much better second half... but would I chalk up the inconsistency this year to mechanics, or could age be a part of the equation?

Johnson: Well, I don’t think age was, I mean initially at the beginning of the year my mechanics weren’t there. My location wasn’t there, my velocity was down and I think you saw what happened when my mechanics came around: I went from 93 to all of a sudden now I’m throwing 95, 97. You know, earlier in the year my mechanics weren’t there. I wasn’t hitting my spots and you know - I never told anybody anything of this nature - but you know, a lot of times I felt like I was tipping my pitches. You know, that was something that was floating around there and at- at times I probably felt I was.

Francesa: Wow.

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