Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Last Night of the Torre Dynasty

Brian Cashman (by way of Olney):

"Joe, we're going to make a change. You know how much I appreciate you, you know how much you've done for us. But the Boss wants a new manager and this time, I can't talk him out of it.

I can't really blame him, either. It all comes down to results and by our standards, we are not getting it done. Remember those days during the dynasty? You couldn't do anything wrong. All your moves paid off. You stuck Cecil Fielder at first base and he hit. You pinch-hit Darryl Strawberry and he delivered. You used the bullpen perfectly. The players loved you; the players responded to you. The last few years, you've made moves and they haven't worked out. I was on board with your decision to use Sheff at first, but it didn't work out. Your handling of A-Rod, talking to Sports Illustrated about him, dropping him to eighth in the lineup for Game 4, none of that worked out. Starting Bernie Williams in Game 3. Look, I know you had no control over Carl Pavano's driving habits, or Randy Johnson's back problems, or Mike Mussina's inability to finish off Curtis Granderson in Game 2, but at the end of the day they won and we lost and the Boss wants a new manager.

I'm sorry."

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