Friday, April 20, 2007

Pearls of Wisdom from ESPN

For some reason, ESPN thought it would be a good idea to place three guys with little to know play-by-play experience in the booth together for tonight's Red Sox-Yankees game. The nuggets of goodness from John Kruk, Karl Ravetch and Dusty Baker were plentiful. A sample:
Baker: People say that if [Jeter] was on another team, he wouldn't be considered a good player.
Exactly what people are saying this? Are people saying that Michael Young is not a good player?
Ravitch: You would never really associate "delivering" with A-Rod.
(while DHL delivery graphic is on screen)
Red Sox homer Ravetch's best attempt at ripping into Rodriguez for not being clutch. Amazingly Kruk called him on it.
Ravetch: How about the career of Doug Mientkiewicz? You can kind of put it in perscpective based on the kind of month Alex Rodriguez is having. 59 career home runs.
As anti the eyechart signing as I was, this is a great example of apples and oranges. Or maybe Karl is just mad that eyechart wouldn't give back the ball.

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At 4/21/2007 8:38 AM, Blogger June said...

besides being a red sox homer, ravech is an arrogant self-important prick in real life. it's a very attractive combo.

also, was "little to know" a freudian slip or a clever homophone joke?


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