Friday, February 06, 2009

Boras is Delusional

First he had Jason Varitek turn down arbitration and then had him re-sign for a much lower amount.

Now he's having Andruw Jones decline spring training invites in order to look for a guaranteed major league contract.

The Yankees are a marquee team where Jones would have a chance to enter into the spotlight of New York if he performed well and could earn himself a huge payday.

Jones had an OPS+ of 88 in 2007, and 34 - thirty-four - in 2008. 34 is so colossally bad that Jones should be happy anyone has even called him.

Oh, also the Dodgers are still cutting him checks for $3.7M per year until 2014.

I think Boras is once again sacrificing what's best for his client in exchange for what's best for the agent's image (my clients don't accept invites, my clients don't accept arbitration, you have to negotiate with me, and so on).

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