Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mailbag Time!: More Fan Mail

Hi folks. Rarely do I post fan mail on this site, but sometimes I'll get a letter that warms the cockles of my heart. This time, it's from a relative of a sportswriter, thanking me for my excellent service.
We never met....however, my interest in you was inspired by a posting of your towards Kevin Hench in 2007....

Essentially, you tore apart Kevin for his opinions.....ripped apart his fact checking...etc....even labeled him as a "douche-bag" (Howard Stern would be proud of your vocabulary indeed)....

Here is my issue.....regardless of clever metaphor attempts.....such as ...
" ....Imagine Dr. Kevin Hench, neurosurgeon, Lt. Kevin Hench, LAPD, Kevin Hench, Attorney-at-Law, Senator Kevin Hench, bookstore clerk Kevin Hench or American Airlines pilot Kevin Hench being as mind-numbingly awful at their profession and the resulting consequences: malpractice, indicted for corruption, disbarred, recalled, fired and dead...."
....You do realize that within all of your mentioned professions.....each of those groups are full of people who "make mistakes...." My personal favorite was Attorney.....are you kidding me man? Attorneys actually make a living at manipulating facts to make their arguments fly to their liking....ever watch the famous OJ trial??? I realize that in your very naive and Utopian world.....everyone would be perfect. We both know all too well, especially as we witness the collapse of the global economy....that the world is full of "mistakes".
I then looked into who exactly YOU are....only to find that you too are a narcissistic opinion ironic.
How much time you spend in the universe of name calling also reveals a very juvenile approach towards your opinions....."the first to raise his fist in anger is the first to run out of ideas....." you could have voiced your opinion about Kevin without resorting to the immature side of your actually sound quite jealous more than anything.

If you ever evolve into an actual may realize that regardless of your anger or opinion, true wisdom is always accompanied by a sense of calm and self control.

Food for thought.....

oh official comeback to you calling my cousin a "douche-bag" is ....
"NU UH....YOU ARE!!!!"....(as I roll my eyes with a grin....)

ciao for now my friend....

Jeff Hench

The article Jeff is thanking me for writing is this one in which Kevin Hench makes an obvious and easily checkable error and uses that mistake to make fun of someone else. I turned the tables on Mr. Hench, who never apologized for his error, and Jeff wrote in to thank me for my dilligence. Thanks Jeff, and keep reading the blog!

For more on Kevin Hench's excellent journalism skills, you can click here.

PS: I wanted to post a picture of Kevin for reference. Here's his Facebook picture:

As you can tell, his comments regarding Red Sox superiority are obviously unbiased (and, coincidentally, came during a season in which there was a second Boston Massacre and the Sox missed the playoffs).

Parting fun facts: he writes liberal propaganda (I can't believe he wouldn't write unbiased polticial articles considering his sports objectivity) for the Huffington Post, and wrote the Adam Carolla failure "The Hammer."

Until the next Mailbag, folks, keep those letters comin'!

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At 4/02/2009 11:31 AM, Anonymous Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I think you were totally in the right bashing this guy. He wrote an entire article and got the major point of his article totally wrong.

I also like the use of the word Douchebaggery.

At 4/02/2009 12:20 PM, Blogger TaggedTruck said...

Great stuff. Thanks!


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