Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Your Headline Isn't Entirely Accurate

Yahoo! Sports is probably the worst edited site on the internet, as has been evidenced here multiple times. Typos are one thing, but giving a headline the opposite meaning from the intended is another. Case in point:
Nats' Johnson would be opposed to returning to New York

Nick Johnson has some fond and some no-so-fond memories of New York City.

The first baseman for the Washington Nationals broke in with the New York Yankees in the Bronx. He suffered a broken leg in a horrific collision three years ago at Shea. But the ex-Yank isn't averse to returning to New York if the Mets seek to acquire him from Washington as a possible replacement for injured first baseman Carlos Delgado(notes), according to the New York Daily News.

"I can't worry about rumors or any of that stuff, I just have to go play. If it happens, it does; if I'm here, great," Johnson said before going 0-for-4 in the Mets' 6-1 victory last night. "I don't deal with anything until it happens.... But I enjoyed (New York). Fans are into it, they want to win. It's all about winning and that's what I want to play for, to get that ring on my finger. I definitely had a good time while I was here those three years."

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At 5/27/2009 10:59 AM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

If he can play right, the Yanks should get him. He's better than what they have out there now. I don't think he'd ever put up a 26OPS+ over a month or strike out in a quarter of his ABs. He does have a history of injury problems though.

At 5/27/2009 11:03 AM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

The Yankees do not need another 1B/DH type. I like Johnson but with Matsui on the roster there's no room for him.

At 5/27/2009 11:05 AM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

That's why I said "if he can play right."

At 5/27/2009 11:15 AM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

.. but he can't.

At 5/27/2009 11:18 AM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

How do you know?

At 5/27/2009 12:05 PM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

In 4,813 career innings, Johnson has played 7.2 innings in the OF, when he was still a rookie in 2002 in what appears to be an emergency/late inning fill-in.

At 5/27/2009 12:46 PM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

No, he played left when they were in interleague games so they could keep his bat in the lineup as Giambi played first. So obviously he can play OF, but who knows how well. Why would you think that because he hasn't played there much means he can't? ARod has never played 2nd, do you think he couldn't? Not the greatest logic. But it doesn't matter because the Yanks wouldn't do it anyway.

At 5/28/2009 9:45 AM, Blogger June said...

When I think of Nick Johnson I think of the time he came racing helpfully over and knocked out of Moose's glove the pop-up that Moose had just easily caught. The look Moose gave him was PRICELESS. it said "dude, wtf?" and "you are the stupidest person alive" and "I'm going to take off this glove and kill you with my bare hands" all at once. Aw, I miss Moose.


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