Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yankee Fans are Starting to Really Sound Stupid

I know it's only a sampling, but the Yankee fans used as "representative" of the whole are making everyone else look dumb.
Bronx native and Yankee fan Jose Santos, 31, almost choked on his beer listening to Rodriguez's whines.

"Bring back the team from '96 with Scott Brosius and Chuck Knoblauch," said Santos, referring to the World Series champion Yankee team.

"These guys played with passion. There's no steroid for passion and fire."
Nobody tell the esteemed Mr. Santos that Knoblauch was in the fucking Mitchell report.

For that matter, no one tell Edmund Demarche or Jennifer Fermino - two (!) writers clearly gifted with sports knowledge needed to write an article with a couple of quotes in it and little else - because they didn't call him on it.
"You have people like Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter. Then you have A-Rod, who might break records but will always be attached to an asterisk," said the tourist from Puerto Rico.
I'm pretty sure Ruth and Aaron were clean, but there is nothing to suggest Jeter is clean. A week ago, people were saying exactly the same things about Rodriguez, and it's not like Jeter's teammates didn't include a number of users.

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At 2/10/2009 2:08 PM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

Nothing to suggest Jeter is clean? How about nothing to suggest he isn't? ARoid had been named prior to this weekend and has long been suspected (with good reason). I've never heard Jeter's name mentioned by anyone besides Sox fans and people who want to have AROD's baby (which category are you?). So funny how Jeter always comes up when anything negative is said about ARoid. I wonder why? Jealous, maybe?

By the way, I'd bet Aaron and many others (maybe even back to Ruth and Jeter included) were using amphetamines which is now banned.

At 2/11/2009 9:58 AM, Blogger Karen said...

The fact that Jeter is even mentioned in the same breath as mega-home run hitters like Aaron and Ruth is kind of ridiculous. He's the go-to/default name people throw out when they're talking out of their ass (they probably don't know any other Yankees outside of Jeter and A-Rod), as the person quote in that story probably was. If anything, he gets dragged into the scenario to be the Gallant to fill-in-the-blank player's Goofus, more often than not, by the media and fans who just can't give up the ghost of The Dynasty. Which does get kind of tiresome since the man is flawed like everyone else. Steroid user? I don't know. But nothing would surprise me at this point.

At 2/11/2009 10:03 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Also, that's not to Jeter hasn't given me many joyous moments as a Yankees fan. But he's no saint, and I've had moments where I've wanted to throw something because of him, just like the other 24 guys on the team.


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